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What size cone do I need?

For every snack the right size

Our sizes


Too small for chips. Used for nuts or chocolates

XXS Cone

Paper Cone PC 13

50-80 grams of chips

XS Cone

Paper cone PC 15

80-110 grams of chips

S Cone

Paper Cone PC17

130-170 grams of chips

Favorite Size

M Cone

Paper Cone PC 19

170-230 grams of chips

L Cone

Paper Cone PC 21

220-300 grams of chips

Favorite Size

XL Cone

Paper Cone PC 23

280-420 grams of chips

XXL Cone

390-570 grams of chips

Never too big!

First of all a chip cone can never be too big. Is the paper cone too big? Just take a pair of scissors and cut of the cone at the desired size. So, when in doubt about the size, take a cone size that is large enough for sure.

How is the size of a chip cone determined?

Usually we offer our paper chip cones in 8 different sizes. The size of a Paper Cone (PC) is indicated by measuring the top side/open side, of the cone. If the width of the open side is 17 cm, we call it a PC 17.  The paper cone sizes range from PC 10 to PC 26.

Our best seller 

The most populair chip cones size is the PC 17. This cone is widely used in restaurants and fish and chip shops for serving a small portion of chips. A PC 17 contains 150 grams of chips, our largest cones is the PC 26 and contains three times more chips, about 470 grams.

PC 10 and PC 13

The PC 10 and PC 13 are the smallest cones in our cone range. These cones are quite small and really nice for serving small snacks. Think about candy, chocolates or nuts.