Worldwide Delivery

We are the leading manufacturer of Paper Cones in Holland.

Everybody knows: the tastiest chips are eaten with your fingers, from a chip cone!
Traditional chip stands across Europe serve their chips in Paper Chip Cones. And this is a conscious choice! After all, paper is a natural preserver of the quality of tasty, hot and crispy chips. 

Because paper ventilates, while keeping the chips hot

Our chip cones are manufactured from extra thick 90 grams greaseproof paper. This allows better retention of heat and the paper that we us is perfectly greaseproof. No grease stains. 
We offer te largest assortment of printed paper cones in te world. You will find more than 20 different standard prints in our shop. All the cones in our shop are available from stock. This makes us able to guarantee short times. Often a delivery time of 48 hours can be arranged. 
Paper cones are a great branding solution. We offer bespoke cones starting at 75 pieces. Do you want to know more about all the possibilities? Check out our personalised paper cone page or contact us immediately. 

Need for space in your dishwasher?

Start serving your fingerfood in our paper cones and paper cone holders. 

Paper Chip Cone Red, fish and chip cone made of 90 grams greaseproof paper
Plain fish and chips cone
Fish and Chips cone made of 90 grams paper with blue print
Fish and chip cone orange, Dutch paper cone