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Paper cones, snack forks, cone holders,.......

Paper Chip Cones

Fish and chips cones made of 90 grams grease proof paper. 21 different paper cone designs available from stock.  More information about our chip cones you can find here or shop right away in our webshop

Paper Cone Holder

Use one of our cone holders to present your chip cones in an elegant way. We have stainless steel holders to present just a single chip cone, or a long wooden cone holder of 1 meter to present up to 11 cones. For more information about our holders click here or shop immediately in our webshop.

Wooden Chip Forks

Never get your hands dirty while eating your favorite snack, with our sustainable wooden chips forks. Available in 3 different sizes. So for every chip cone size we have the right fork size. Shop them right away in our webshop

Personalised Chip Cones

Chip cones with your own print for special occasions like wedding, birthdays or product introductions. Or paper cones in your corporate identity for your restaurant or fish and chip shop. Minimum order quantity 75 pcs. Click here for more information.