Everybody knows: the best chips are eaten with your fingers, from a paper chip cone! The most famous chip shops in the Netherlands and Belgium serve their chips from paper chip cones. There is a reason why!

Paper chip cones are a natural preserver of the quality of your chips, they keep the chips warm and crispy. This is because paper cones ventilates while keeping the fresh chips hot.


Often chip cones are made of 60 or 80 grams paper which is to tin for hot chips and not always grease proof. Our fish and chips cones are always made of extra thick 90 grams greaseproof FSC certified paper. Therefore you do not have problems with stains from the greasy oil and you do not burn your hands 

Our paper is FSC certified which means that the wood which is used for the production of the paper cone  comes completely from FSC-certified well-managed forests.


All the 21 paper cones designs, that you can find in our webshop are available from stock. Which means that the lead times are very short. Often a delivery within two working days is possible. Do you want your ow print, check the possibilities here. 


We offer paper cones in many different size, from PC 13 to PC 26. Do you want to learn more about our sizes click here.